Build Distribution

H2-Pharma holds current contracts with all major wholesalers and distributors, and we maintain an active Authorized Distributors List for public review.

To accomplish that we bring experience in what has become costly and unmanageable for many developers of pharmaceuticals: distribution. It is where we have clearly demonstrated an ability to add value for our partners through the years.

To that we add ready access to an unparalleled infrastructure, including licensing in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and essential services like Medicaid and chargeback processing capabilities to streamline your product delivery and capture vital payment efficiencies in an often inefficient system.

Where experience and infrastructure come together, though, is a level of personal service that is only available through a privately-held company operating in a niche environment where few may follow, mainly because our intent is to maintain a small, manageable portfolio of pharmaceuticals and build value for our partners.

Our goal is to bring experience, infrastructure, and personal service to our partner’s existing portfolio of products and to add value by producing more robust marketing and distribution results.

Profitable Partnerships

The services we provide to grow your business are focused on the principles we embody to grow our network of partnerships. You’ve got a great portfolio of products, and we can help you build on that foundation.

  • Build Distribution
  • Build Value
  • Build Trust

Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and distribution are key components in maximizing your portfolio of pharmaceuticals, and H2-Pharma specializes in these areas for our partners.

  • More than 30 years of combined experience
  • Licensed in every state and territory
  • Chargeback processing capabilities
  • Privately owned and operated
  • Personal service
Interested in learning more?

Personal service begins with a quick response to your very first call or email. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of partnering with H2-Pharma, we should talk today so that your marketing and distribution channels are singing tomorrow.

Contact us today for seamless and successful distribution tomorrow.