Keeping It Simple at H2-Pharma

By Bryce Harvey-President H2-Pharma

After personally spending many years in what we in the industry “affectionately” refer to as Big Pharma (i.e. large pharmaceutical companies), as well as being called on to assist branded companies start generic distribution divisions to help fund their costly branded ways, I felt I had reached a point in my life that I could use my acquired knowledge and many years of experience to build my own generic distribution company, so in late 2013 I did just that. My team and I built H2-Pharma LLC from the ground up and it continues to operate today as a no-frills, goal-oriented generic marketing and distribution company. It’s no secret that this industry doesn’t exactly operate in that manner and I firmly believe, and have proven, that you can be successful without all the “bells and whistles”.

At H2-Pharma we are committed to bringing value not just to ourselves but also to our partners. Through our successful launch and continued marketing and distribution of the Authorized Generic of Lipofen we have already demonstrated that we can offer branded companies an affordable outlet from which to launch their authorized generic products. In addition, we currently have installed a successful and wide-reaching platform from which generic development companies that have achieved FDA product approvals (ANDAs) but do not have the resources to market and distribute their own products can utilize.

Here’s what H2-Pharma provides that other marketing distribution companies do not:

  • Efficiency – We’ve created a highly efficient distribution to all classes of trade in the US.
  • Flexibility – Being private with only two decision-makers allows H2 to make decisions in hours instead of days or weeks.
  • Experience – Between myself and our Operations Manager we offer over 45 years of experience in the industry.

I feel the success at H2-Pharma can be attributed to the fact that we’ve built our company around extensive knowledge, many years of experience, attention to detail and most importantly simplicity.

“Complexity is your enemy.  Any fool can make something complicated.  It is hard to make something simple.” – Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group